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When will St. Nicholas Mountain restoration be complete?


As St. Nicholas Mountain lost most of its interior it is expected that the full restoration may take up to 10 years.



Can I book a trip on St. Nicholas Mountain now?


At the moment, no. When the restoration is complete and after St. Nicholas Mountain receives its Amtrak certification she will be made available for charters and Private Railcar trips.



Do you have any cars for sale?


No. Please go to the Links section for companies and intermediates that do.



Where is St. Nicholas Mountain located?


St. Nicholas Mountain currently calls central Pennsylvania home. She will be moved to an area shop in the near future for structural repairs. Eventually she will be moved to the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul area.



Can I visit St. Nicholas Mountain?


Yes, upon invitation. Please contact us for more information.



What are your plans with St. Nicholas Mountain?


St. Nicholas Mountain will be restored to "as-delivered" condition. Some changes will be made to make the car suitable for use as a private railcar (like adding HEP and a shower). All changes will be kept out of plain sight as to maintain the original look and feel of this magnificent car. For more information see the Restoration and Future sections.








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