Private Railcars



We are a proud member of the Railroad Passenger Car Alliance. The RPCA is dedicated to and interested in the Preservation and Operation of the American Railroad Passenger Car.




The American Association of Private Railroad Car Owners' mission is to promote the operation, ownership, and enjoyment of the Private Passenger Railcar.


Private Railcars of Great Northern heritage

Missouri Rail Group

Private rail-charters with, among others, former Great Northern #1260 Skykomish River, a 4-8-3-1 sleeping car.


PENNVIA Private Railcars

Former Great Northern (CB&Q) dome-coach #1333 is in the process of being converted to Private Railcar and will be available for charter starting July 1, 2004.


Puget Sound, Inc.

Former Great Northern dome-coach #1323, converted to Private Railcar and available for charter.


Private Railcar Directories


Railcars of AAPRCO members available for charter.

The complete listing of private railcar tour operators in the USA, Canada, and the rest of the world.


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