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   Although St. Nicholas Mountain is generally in good condition she will need a thorough restoration. Besides a total rebuild of the interior, St. Nicholas Mountain also has some structural issues that will need to be addressed. These issues are not due to old-age but from the modifications that she underwent at Andy's Tukwila Station Restaurant. At Andy's St. Nicholas Mountain received three holes in her sides and roof:

  • A large (20' wide) hole which was cut through the top-sill and partly into the roof. Luckily the side sill was left alone.

  • A smaller size hole (3.5' wide) used for a smaller entrance door made by enlarging one of the tall windows up to the top sill and down to the side sill. Both sills were not cut at this location.

  • A hole in the roof to let an air-conditioning duct through. This hole was cut right through one of the roof trusses.

    Repairing these holes will need study and solid engineering. It is expected that this will take some time. Therefore other things will be addressed in the meantime.


    Work has been divided into several phases starting with weatherproofing the car and ending with a full Amtrak conversion. The planning for the restoration can be found here.

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